What is Karst?

A downtempo post-apocalyptic role playing game with themes of adventure, exploration, and soft terror.

Karst is a way to create stories. This site contains the rules and setting of Karst, stories that have been created with it, and perhaps some notes about how and why this all came to be.

Some day we may create more tools for creating stories and put them here as well.

We highly encourage you to create, share, and even publish your own stories, rules, and source material for Karst.

If you do end up wanting to publish things that use the Karst setting, we have a couple of guidelines that are linked to below.

To learn about publication guidelines, or if you'd like to see the source code, you can do so at our github.

If you'd like to get in touch or follow along, you can join our Discord community or find us on Twitter.


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