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Welcome to the Gift Shop. Here, you can purchase the complete edition of Karst in PDF or Hardcover. All proceeds go to the funding of futher explorations into the Karst Archipelago. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed and abreast of new discoveries and publications about the Archipelago.


Karst PDF Cover

Karst, the Complete Edition, in a deluxe hardcover format. This illustrated tome contains dozens of works of art, the complete set of rules, playing advice, and information about the Karst Archipelago. Also included within its 96 pages are the adventure Shipwrecked on Gygalos Island and Things to Do in Porta Cortu, a mini-gazetteer that outlines one of the Karst Archipelago's most famous ports of call.

This limited-edition, linen-wrapped hardback tome is printed by Hemlock, one of North America's most progressive and sustainable print providers. Purchase also includes the PDF edition, fulfilled via and DriveThroughRPG.

Note: Shipping currently only available for US customers.

Karst is available from a number of fine retailers of bespoke role playing games and other sundries, both in the US and Canada.



Karst, the Complete Edition, in digital format. This PDF edition of Karst contains everything in the hardcover edition, but it's made out of zeros and ones instead of paper and ink. You can purchase the digital edition right here on the Karst site and a download link will be sent to your inbox.

Note: This website's PDF fulfillment technology is homemade; if you run into any issues, don't hesitate to reach out by replying to the email that includes the download link.

If you'd like a slightly less bespoke experience, or just prefer having all your digital RPGs in one place, Karst is also available in digital format from and DriveThruRPG. Purchase at any of these locations not only entitles you to a copy of Karst in PDF format, but also in ePUB, when it becomes available (Spring 2022).